Civic Sense



Civic sense deals with the unstated silent need of the society that marks the standard of living. It’s not just about taking care of our surroundings but avoiding the use of impolite words, respecting others’ point of views, abiding by the laws and all such behaviours that define social ethics, are a part of Civic sense. Faced with tough academic challenges, we tend to act oblivious to the importance of infusing this sense in our children. All we are focused on is to make our children excel in examination grades but regrettably we fail to lay adequate emphasis on their character building and value formation.

Lack of civic sense leads to people becoming less tolerant of each other and eventually disregard of law. Keeping this important factor as a low priority is an attitude that can be harmful for the society. All of us want our children to be successful but not many of us make an effort to turn them into good human beings.

In this regard, parents should try to instill a few important points in the minds of their children, as:

  • How to cross the road
  • Why it is important to wait for your turn in a queue
  • Why should we throw litter in a dustbin
  • Respect the value of time
  • Respect and save our planet

We must remember to practice what we preach. If we do not teach our children about social issues, they may not be able to take the appropriate decision when confronted by those issues in the society. Good parenting can be a strong foundation to promote the culture of civic sense.

Adapted from several sources.

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